About Me

Hi, my name is Jennifer Gilbert.

I have a degree in Graphic Design and illustration, a love of textiles and a Masters in Art, Health and Wellbeing.

My passion lies within Outsider Art and Self-Taught Art, which I have been looking into for the past six years now, having visited both exhibitions in England as well as Europe. Madge Gill’s work is one of my favourites, with her attention to detail and often unknown subject matter. My dissertation for my Masters was titled ‘Is there a place for Outsider Art in the 21st century? If you would like to know more about this get in touch through my blog or my email below.

My current job is as the Outside In Manager at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, West Sussex. Outside In provides opportunities for artists who are excluded from the art world whether due to health, disability, social circumstance or art process. Over the three years I have worked with some great galleries, community groups and artists, seeing lots of new and fantastic works everyday.

I would like to make connections with people who are interested and research this field of art too. So please get in touch through this blog or at jennie_gilbert@hotmail.com



  1. I have been enjoying your site, great information with an interesting perspective, Cheers, Jay Wehnert , Intuitive Eye

  2. Well!

    • what do you mean by just writing ‘well’?

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    My name is Bernard Autrand and I am the nephew of Jean Perdrizet who is considered as a raw art artist – look at Google if you haven’t heard of him yet – and most of his work is kept in the museum of DIGNE. I find the exhibition amazing and really interesting ;especially a machine which is supposed to get in touch with the soul of dead people.
    I am very happy and proud of him,he died in 1975.
    I live in Paris and I would like to know if you can give me the addresses of different art galleries,or museums in europe which are interested in raw art?
    It is not easy to find it many on the web.
    I think you are the right person to do it.
    Thanks for your kind answer.

    • Hello Bernard
      have you been in touch with any one yet? or has anyone approached you having seen his work?
      where are you based?
      best wishes

      • Hi Jennifer,

        I am very sorry for such a late answer.
        I am based in Paris and I gave my uncle’s work to an art gallery specialised in raw art in Paris : GALLERIE CHRISTIAN BERST.
        Best wishes

      • Hi Bernard
        Have the Christian Berst Gallery ever shown your uncle’s work? Do you have an image of one of his piece’s that you could send to me? thanks

      • Hi Jennifer,

        Christian Berst Gallery has shown some of my uncle’s work in 2013 .

        You can find all the infos you need on GOOGLE : JEAN PERDRIZET; but they are in French.


        ======================================== Message du : 23/02/2014 17:01 De : “Art from the margins ” A : beautrand@sfr.fr Copie à : Sujet : [New comment] About Me a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ WordPress.com outsiderart1 commented: “Hi Bernard Have the Christian Berst Gallery ever shown your uncle’s work? Do you have an image of one of his piece’s that you could send to me? thanks Jennifer”

  4. Hello, this is Raw Vision Magazine. Please could you let us know your email address so that we can keep you up-tp-date with our news? Many thanks.

  5. Hi Jennie, I love this site and your unique take on art and health – I am writing a book based on my research findings with mental health day clients who find creative activities helpful in recovery. I have amassed many articles and books on the topic including stuff on Bobby Baker’s work – she is such an inspiration but I haven’t had a chance to see any of her performances. My experience is in mental health nursing, social anthropology, counselling and alternative perspectives in mental health recovery. I intend to set up a website on creative mental health to coincide with the book coming out later this year and hope to add links and resources – I would be very happy to include a link to your site if you would be agreeable? Roberta 🙂

    • Hello Roberta
      Thank you for getting in contact.
      What you are doing sounds very interesting, are you based in England?
      I would be interested to hear more from you about what you are doing and what you plan to do.

      • Hi Jennie,
        Thanks for reply and for your interest, I’m actually in Northern Ireland and did my research in the Republic of Ireland, County Galway. However my publisher is in England and the book will cover a range of studies, many in UK and others further afield. Will be glad to keep in touch and chat at any time – long term I am keen to develop in the areas of creative journaling and poetry therapy as well as a range of expressive arts workshops for mental health recovery, and to look into possibly setting up a community arts forum in the area I live in, South Belfast. Have to get the book done first though! so will keep you posted! Thanks again and all the best for now, Roberta

      • Hello Roberta
        I just wondered if there was any update on your book and whether it has been released now? i would be keen to read it and to hear about all of the research that you did?

      • Hi Jennie, thanks so much for your interest, I’m very pleased and excited about the book and hope it will be of benefit to people interested in art for mental health, artists, other professionals and service users alike. Sorry there have been no updates recently, I am doing a final read of the proofs, finalising the index and then it’s out in April! It should be announced on the Palgrave Macmillan website soon in their new titles section and on Amazon, I will post a link as soon as it’s up. All feedback will be welcome too!

        Thanks again Jennie, looking forward to being in touch again soon, and in hearing about your work as well, All the best for now, Roberta 🙂

      • Hi Jennie, thanks again for your interest. Just to let you know the book is up on Amazon for preorder, here’s a link 🙂 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1137345470/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/276-5926062-4476546?ref_=tsm_1_fb_lk

  6. Thanks for the reblog Jennie. It feels fantastic to have one of my paintings exhibited at the North West Outside In exhibition, not so much from an ego point of view, but from a sense that the work is being recognised as having some artistic value. Once again – many thanks.

  7. Hello, my name is Jason Key, I am trying to get in touch with Benard Autrand. I believe I have one of his uncle’s piece of art work. Benard, if you could email me or reply and I would like to learn more about your uncle. Very interesting. Thank you for your tme.

    • Hi Jason,

      I am Bernard Autrand and I would be pleased if we can have a talk about my uncle – thanks to Jennifer –
      here is my e-mail address : beautrand@sfr.fr
      I am also on F.Book

    • Hi Jason,
      I am Bernard Autrand Perdrizet and I would be pleased if we could have a talk about my uncle.
      I am on F.B

  8. Jennie, I’ll send you an email about the book, I hope it’s of some use to you – I expect much of the literature cited will be familiar to you though, in light of your studies and experiences, though my small study in Galway is described in detail where day centre clients found creative activities and social contact to be of tremendous help – it would be great to keep in touch and I will be glad to hear your views and all about your work , Roberta 🙂

  9. Hi Jennie, just wanted to let
    You know the book is up on the Palgrave website and on Amazon. I’ll send you an ail with the link and happy to discuss, send refs etc via email linkup – best wishes, Roberta 🙂

    • Hi Roberta
      thank you for making me aware of this!
      Best wishes

  10. Hello Jennifer,
    my name is Peter Nieting. I´m a friend of the German outsider artist Markus Meurer (www.haus-nieting.de, ateliermarkusmeurer.wordpress.com).

    Markus Meurer followed his English wife in Dec. 2006 to Saffron Waldon, Essex. There they lived until February 2008. To their surprise they were thrown out of their apartment in a hurry and they were only allowed to take with them some personal things. So they had to leave all objects of art he made in this year – a lot of very good objects.
    The reason for this desaster was that they were not allowed to live in this flat together. Mrs. Meurer arriving in England in September 2006 got this accommodation, a special flat for traumatic women over 60. They lost the right to live there when Markus Meurer came and stayed in 26 Fairycroft rd., Saffron Waldon.

    Now, when I read about your activities I got the idea to ask you if you see a chance to find out what happened to the art objects.
    I´m afraid they (administration of the city/ police/ judge) threw it away. But perhaps somebody saw the quality of the objects and saved them?

    I´d be very pleased if you would tell me if you see a chance to find out what happened to the objects.

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