Posted by: outsiderart1 | April 13, 2015

Out of the Way – Terence Wilde

photo 2Out of the Way is a solo exhibition by Terence Wilde featuring a selection of both his monochrome art work as well as his more colourful works. It shows Terence’s spiritual journey, both on and off the path of life. It is on at Matthew’s Yard, Croydon, London until 27 April 2015.

I went along to his private view on Saturday 11 April and what a buzzy atmosphere I was met with. Not only had people come along on a beautiful and warm spring evening, but also it being a Saturday evening showed that people had a real interest in coming along to see the art work and to meet the artist himself. Selling seven works across the evening was a fantastic achievement, with the art going to great homes including to someone who works for the charity Mind.

photo 4I may have made a cheeky little purchase of the above piece – but I could not resist! It marries my love of black and white work with my love of text in art – perfect!

Terence says of his black and white works that they are the true him. By this he means that his life and his thoughts go in to these piece and they are put out there for everyone to see. He understands that not everyone likes how raw these works are, so he also creates very colourful pieces of work in varying sizes, based on life events, e.g. getting tickets to a Kate Bush concert!

What makes me like the exhibition even more is that Terence tells me he hung it all by himself and he did not even have a spirit level – looked pretty damn straight to me!

photo 7His introductory text to the exhibition says:

“Creativity as a healing tool, emotionally to describe my world.
Spiritually to make sense of, occupationally to work alongside.”

He also says:

“I prefer to let art speak for itself to the viewer, but if there are any metaphors they are of shadows into light and fears into freedom and flight. I have always been inspired by art when it comes from the heart – it makes life feel better and more manageable. Genuine creative expression helps carry us and make sense of things, as much as anything can do, it can even make us ,dare I say it, happy.”

Terence always has such a great way with words (and with art might I add!), so … catch the exhibition at Matthew’s Yard until 27 April 2015. It can be found off Surrey Street, Croydon, CR0 1FF, and it is a lovely little cafe space too – so grab a drink whilst admiring the wonderful art.

photo 6


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