Posted by: outsiderart1 | February 2, 2015

Sue Kreitzman and her fabulous window at Selfridges, London 2015


The fabulous Sue Kreitzman features in a new campaign by Selfridges, London called Bright Old Things which is on until the end of February 2015. Fourteen inspiring individuals are showcased who have changed their vocations later in life and each individual has been given a window to make over on Oxford Street – what a delight! For Sue, she was a food writer and broadcaster and now she spends many an hour in her art shed creating brightly coloured wearable and wall art pieces, as well as curating exhibitions! Below you will see some photographs of Sue’s window (bear in mind that it is the daytime and so reflections are bound to happen.)

Here’s a few questions that Selfridges posed to Sue …

What do you think caused your shift in career?
The menopause. Or I had a psychotic break. Or the muse bit me in the bum. In other words, who knows? It hit me like a bolt of lightning and changed my life forever.

How has your new career as an artist changed your life?
I am a different person entirely. All my passion and obsession for food and cooking had transferred to art, colour and gluing found objects to other found objects. Thank heavens, my passion for writing has not diminished. I now write about art instead of food. At this time of my life, I am frequently asked to write about age. Of course, I am not really an old woman, just cleverly disguised as one.

Do you think ageism is a thing of the past or something we are still battling with?
It is changing, albeit slowly. There is an old lady revolution happening now, and old men are starting to hang on to our coattails. The revolution is partly because of Ari Seth Cohen and his Advanced Style blog. There is now an Advanced Style film as well, and Sue Bourne’s film, Fabulous Fashionistas, made a huge impact all around the world. We now live longer, look better, and keep on working long beyond what was traditionally retirement age. It really is a new world, and I feel that I, and those like me, are pioneers in a brave new world.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2


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