Posted by: outsiderart1 | January 20, 2015

Making Mental Health Fashionable

So this popped in to my inbox today … Making Mental Health Fashionable … An intriguing title, but once you read further it begins to make a lot more sense about why the event is happening and the true meaning of the title. This topic really brings together my love of art, of fashion, of Outsider Art and of working with artists with mental health issues. I am intrigues to see what the speakers are going to say and what kind of ideas come out of this talk.

The speakers all bring a different element to the table:

Dr Victoria Tischler, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at London College of Fashion
Sue Kreitzman, Artist, Curator and Fashionista
Edward M. Gómez, Senior Editor at Raw Vision
John William, LCF Lecturer, Stylist and Artist

This talk takes place in the London College of Fashion building on John Princes Street on Wednesday 25 February from 6-8pm. Tickets are free, but booking is essential.

I’ve got mine, will you be getting yours?!!

Dr Victoria Tischler has written a piece relating to this topic on ‘The Conversation’ which was published today and which you can read here. This little taster will make you want to come to above event even more so that you can become part of this new project that is about to begin …

“At the London College of Fashion (LCF), the campaign Making Mental Health Fashionable brings together artists, curators, psychiatrists, psychologists, designers, policy makers and those with mental health problems to develop ideas and projects to change our views about mental health and to challenge negative perceptions about mental illness. The aim is to fashion the meaning of mental illness into something more positive and desirable.

The allure of outsider art is testament to the appeal of the talents of those on the periphery of society. Combining this with the innovative and style-setting powers of the fashion industry as a collaborative venture promises much.”


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