Posted by: outsiderart1 | April 14, 2014

Sue Kreitzman World – Cult Mountain

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Sue Kreitzman World – An extravaganza of sculpture, fashion and eccentricity!

I popped along a couple of weeks back to catch Sues show at Cult Mountain before it was due to be scaled down for April 2014. As always with Sues exhibitions, she greets you with a warm smile upon entrance and leaves you to wander around her colourful world – reminiscent of Sues house and wardrobes! It was a joy to see Sues works separated out against white backgrounds to see each piece in focus and in detail. On the day I attended a man had just purchased a piece of work covered in shoes for his wife! What excitement that was, although sadness that a piece of her collection was leaving too.

Sue happily leaves you to wander her art (and in this exhibition her clothing and necklaces too) but is also more than happy to tell you more about each piece or who she collaborated with to create certain pieces! A centre piece in this exhibition was a new painting by Ella Guru of Sue in her home with friend Anne Sophie. It is an incredible painting (seen above) that captures Sues home, her funny personality and some of her favourite art pieces in the background. I look forward to seeing this piece hanging in Sues living room over the coming months.

Sue is an imaginative and impulsive creator, sometimes having urges in the middle of the night to go and create new pieces in her art workshop/shed in her garden!I’m always excited to see what she does next! Shes an unstoppable woman, always on the go, living life to the full and for that I admire Sue!

Cult Mountain have given Sue a great opportunity and on the day I visited the staff were very enthusiastic about Sue and her work and kindly allowed several events to be held in the venue along the way.

To see a scaled down view of Sues show visit: Cult Mountain, 141 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG



  1. Ah Sue is so wonderful! Very sad I missed this!

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