Posted by: outsiderart1 | January 22, 2014

METRO Show in New York – DIALOGUES series


If you are in New York over the next few days, get yourself to the Metro Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street.

Not only will you be able to see some fantastic art work but Randall Morris of the Cavin Morris Gallery has organised a programme of talks title ‘Collecticism.’ This is the DIALOGUES educational series for this years event and it focuses on the way institutions, curators, private collectors and dealers search out and choose works of art, especially those collections that cross genres.

The first talk on Friday 25 January is called ‘Self-taught artists and the mainstream museum: Hampton, Hemphill and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.’ This lecture will focus on the strategies and methodologies of a major American museum collecting and displaying work that ranges from historic Americana to contemporary work.

Life after Venice‘ is a panel discussion on the Friday again with a focus on the Encyclopedic Palace’ from 2013’s Venice Biennale. This Palace combined self-taught and contemporary art with no borders or boundaries between them. This democratic and insightful mixing of the two could have profound implications for the field. As Roberta Smith recently stated ‘Outsider Art has come in from the cold.’

The final lecture on the Friday and one which has caught my eye is titled ‘Private Collecting to Public Collection.’ The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s collection of Outsider and self-taught art exists because of generous private donors. In providing works and entire collections, individuals have formed what is now one of the largest public collections of self-taught and vernacular art in the United States. This lecture addresses the important role private collectors play in forming public collections, and considers how taste of individual collectors and donors has shaped how Philadelphia sees Outsider Art.

A whole programme continues on the Sunday, which can be found here. I highly recommend a visit to listen to these if in the area. For those of us unable to make it, I have contacted the organisers of the event and they will be filming the programme, so once I receive the link I will post it for all to enjoy!


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