Posted by: outsiderart1 | November 10, 2013

Kate Bradbury exhibition now open at Pallant House Gallery


This weekend saw the opening of Outside In Award Winner Kate Bradbury’s solo exhibition in the Studio at Pallant House Gallery. With the artist traveling down from London and people coming from as far as Wales, it was a lovely private view, with the heavy rain not deterring people! ‘Squalls and Murmurations’ by Kate is the second of the six Award Winner’s exhibitions for Outside In. Outside In is a national project working with artists facing barriers to the art world, for reasons including health, disability and social circumstance.

On until 1 December 2013, do get along to Chichester to see the work of this fantastic artist who definitely deserves recognition and for her work to be included in people’s collections and not sitting about in her house collecting dust! The combination of two dimensional black and white dense yet delicate illustrations and her three dimensional creations made from found objects make it hard not to love this artist. So much enjoyment can be found in all of her works, and the longer you spend with them the more they reveal.

More information on Kate:

Bradbury’s art career began some years ago in North London. Here, she began intuitively making pictures and sculptures from the abandoned belongings of former tenants. Unearthing a roll of thin Chinese paper and a well of black ink, an unforeseen tide of repetitive image and pattern-making promptly began. Bradbury also began making sculptures from salvaged litter found around the house and out on the streets.

Speaking of the title ‘Squalls and Murmurations’ – chosen because Bradbury likes the sound and opposing meaning of the two words – the artist says: “There are lots of birds in my work and the actual meaning of murmuration is either a quiet murmuring sound or the collective noun for a flock of starlings. A squall is a storm and that suited the swirly patterns in my drawings. The monoprints often have a stormy sky and a lot of the sculptures are crude and brutal in texture. It’s loud and quiet and reflects both sides of my work.”

Bradbury, who has no formal art education, is inspired by known and unknown artists, stage sets, archaeology, visions, inventions, and by music and song. She doesn’t make her work with an audience in mind; instead, she makes it because it needs to be made: “I get a picture of something in my head and then need to make it, to offload it and then I can think about something else. I get obsessed with an idea and try to see it through.”


Kate Bradbury’s Suitcase Men standing within the exhibition space


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