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About to open in Paris – 25 years of Raw Vision


RAW VISION 25 Art Brut
18/09/2013 – 08/22/2014

It is a privilege for the Halle Saint Pierre to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Raw Vision. Founded in 1989, the British magazine based in London, will be the first to defend the creation popular non-standard and give an international dimension. In the late ’80s, thanks to the establishment of private collections and conducting pioneering exhibitions, art brut was released from the confidentiality surrounding the first surveys of Dubuffet. But the dynamism of its small network of enthusiasts was incommensurate with the excitement that accompanies today’s public, media and institutional recognition. The catalyst and unifying role of Raw Vision was essential. At a time when the value of the professional contemporary art was questioned, the magazine showed the existence of an alternative art scene, misunderstood or ignored, where creative energy is accomplished against a hegemonic culture deemed materialistic, alienating and obsolete.

Accompanying since its inception this publishing venture which it shares the spirit of independence and discovery, the Halle Saint Pierre has naturally made ​​the initiator of the exhibition Raw Vision, 25 art brut: praise of look and creating unimpeded who prefers visionary visible, the inner vision to appearances the real world. Eighty artists from Europe, America, Africa, India and Japan are combined, illustrating the forms of expression deeply rooted in the human imagination and manifested through heroic creations; an expression that takes a variety of forms, sometimes intimate and secret in its manifestations or expansive public and epic.

Curators: Martine Lusardy and John Maizels

It is a privilege for the Halle Saint Pierre to hold an event in celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Raw Vision, the London-based magazine That was the first publication to UPHOLD non-conventional folk art forms and bring ’em to international attention. By the time of its founding in 1989, thanks to the growth of private collections and the organization of exhibitions trailblazing Outsider Art HAD Emerged from the obscurity That HAD surrounded Dubuffet’s initial explorations. Aim the energy and devotion of what was then a mere handful of enthusiasts Were out of proportion with the Widespread, effervescent recognition Outsider Art Receives today by the public, the media and major institutions. In this respect, Raw Vision played a catalytic, unifying role. When the value of mainstream contemporary art cam under scrutiny, the review presented a little known, obscure Often alternative artistic stage, Whose creative impetus starkly Contrasted with the materialism, obsolescence and alienating effect of hegemonic culture.

The Halle Saint Pierre shares this spirit of independence and discovery, and this HAS Accompanied editorial adventure its since inception. It is in this spirit That Initiated the museum the exhibition, Raw Vision, 25 years of Outsider Art: a tribute to unfettered vision and establishment That chooses the visionary over the visible and inward vision over the events of the real world. Eighty artists from Europe, America, Africa, India and Japan Have Been Brought together to Illustrate the purest form of live and MOST artistic creation, The Most inventive forms of contemporary folk art.

* Catalogue Raw Vision, 368 pages, 40 euros, bilingual French / English,

Halle Saint Pierre editions.



  1. Any idea where I might find a catalog to buy? This would make an EXCELLENT gift.

    • Hi. It seems that they have not put the catalogue online yet, but I have emailed to make an enquiry and will let you know when I hear back. It is priced at 40 euros. It’s a very thick book, lots of detail, but the text is all in French (just a pre-warning)

  2. Hello: I’m wondering is the image above available in a poster. The image is compelling and I’d be interested in purchasing one. I live in Los Angeles. Would you let me know when you have a moment.

    • Hi Malissa

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The image is available as the poster for the exhibition and you can get it directly from Halle Saint Pierre in Paris. It would be best for you to call them as the email function on their website is a bit hit and miss and you would probably get a quicker answer via phone. Just a note is that they may have sold out by now. Good luck!!

      • Thank you so much for an answer. I’ll give them a ring early one morning. Cheers.

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