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Epiphanies! Secrets of Outsider Art


‘Wild Old Woman’ Sue Kreitzman and her partner in art, Peter Herbert present:

EPIPHANIES! Secrets of Outsider Art

Exhibition Dates: 26 September – 28 November 2013 at The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, London


The Arts Project is pleased to announce a major new Outsider Art exhibition, EPIPHANIES! Secrets of Outsider Art at The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, 26 September –  28 November 2013. EPIPHANIES! is curated by artist Sue Kreitzman and The Arts Project Director Peter Herbert and follows on from the pair’s previous exhibitions WOW, Flashier & Trashier and Dare to Wear at the Novas and St Pancras Crypt Galleries.  


Outsider Art is a movement of untrained artists with a burning desire and passion for expression that features art of an obsessive nature. Often this involves collecting debris shaped to express the inner thoughts and feelings of the creator. Some artists may suffer from mental health issues, others simply have no interest in conventional art practice.


EPIPHANIES! will explore a range of different sources of Outsider Art, using case history text to explore the dynamics of each artist. The exhibition will be a wonderful insight into this fascinating world, bringing together up to 20 local and international Outsider Artists. Many of the artists will be presenting work for the first time in London and there will be participation from art groups linked to the Camden and Islington Foundation Trust such as Isledon Road Creativity Centre, which encourages creative practice amongst its residents with mental health issues. Artists include:

Claudia Benassai | Kate Bradbury | Michael Bajan Connell | Manuel Bonifacio | Elton Darlo | Yvonne Mabs Francis | Joe Gagliano | John Kahn | Sue Kreitzman | Rosemary McLeish | Judith McNicol | Sexton Ming | Mista Fig | Liz Parkinson | Valerie Potter


“If you hang out with us, you may experience epiphanies, revelations and visions. Visit us and you might burst into art, aflame with colour, exaltation and obsessive creativity. We are Outsider Artists, working far beyond the margins of the conventional art world. Untutored, obsessive, producing art for our own pleasure and therapy, inventing techniques, scavenging for unexpected materials, we are united in our need to express beliefs, angst, political and spiritual views, through art. View our passionate work and you may experience a strong urge to begin making art by any means possible. The streets are full of seductive rubbish. Inspiration is everywhere. Anyone can make art of anything! We are Outsider Artists. We will change your life.”  EPIPHANIES! curator and artist Sue Kreitzman


Address: The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way, London, NW1 OPE

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday and Sunday by appointment only – contact Sue Krietzman:


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