Posted by: outsiderart1 | August 19, 2013

Outsider Art – But is it Art?

‘Outsider Art – But is it art?’ – Thank you to @kd_outsiderart for bringing this to my attention. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Here is an extract from the article posted by Ron Parlato … “I dismiss exhibitions of outsider art, however, for more often than not they collect individual paintings of random inmates or the isolated amateur painter and praise the opus.  This is akin to trolling kindergartens to find the most ‘artistic’ drawings and putting them together in an exhibition.  Viewers may ooh and ah over the similarities to Picasso and Pollock, but they are, by and large, admiring randomness.  While some of these 5-year olds may eventually turn out to be artists, most will never progress beyond coloring within the lines.”


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