Posted by: outsiderart1 | August 7, 2013

La Bouche – The Outsider Issue Zine

A new zine has been released celebrating the work of outsiders:

La Bouche – The Outsider Issue

I only ordered my copy yesterday so I have no idea what this will be like. You can order your copy online at: or buy a copy at: the ICA Bookshop, South London Gallery, Wardour News, Soho Books, Charlotte Street News and Artwords. Below is the write up about it. If you do get it do please let me know your thoughts!

‘Over the last couple of years we have quietly despaired while the zine took a break, and the Tory-led nation obediently became a heard of xenophobes, intolerant of the jobless and less able. Whilst the Queen’s laundry bill near tripled last year to the sum of £700,000, so did the queues to the food banks as benefits were snatched from the poor, and bedroom tax was implemented. Whilst every movement of the Royals was documented in headlines, the many victims of austerity rarely made it to the back pages. Take the tragic case of mother of three, Elenore Tatton, who died of a brain tumor that she had had since birth just three weeks after being ordered by Atos to attend job-seekers workshops. Alongside these dismal political events, mainstream culture continues to become less and less extraordinary. We present the ‘Outsider’ issue – a celebration of some of the people society turned their back on and basically anyone who dared to deviate from the norm during times of propaganda and hegemony.

The zine includes ‘Inside Out’ a collection of ‘outsider’ art by those living on the margins – prison artists, artists with disabilities and unemployed artists. War on Want remind us of those shut away the world in Palestine with their article ‘Alicia Keys don’t play into oppression”. We catch up with new wave quartet Bo Ningen and you gotta check out ‘Inside the Elephant’ by Niall McDevitt, a ‘concrete’ poem inspired by the Heygate Estate evictions. Don’t miss artist Liam Scully’s ‘Royal Spread’ and Pop star extraordinaire Quilla Constance takes us behind the scenes of ‘Vajazzled’ PLUS re-DISCO-ver disco with our brand new disco critic Alex Cepalovic. Ever feel a little anti-this n a little anti-that? La Bouche – an alternative news and culture zine.’


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