Posted by: outsiderart1 | July 24, 2013

Raw Vision exhibition coming to Paris

Apologies if the below reads weird but I have translated it through google from the Halle Saint Pierre website!

Coming to Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, from 18 September 2013 is an exhibition celebrating 25 years of Raw Vision. Read below for more information …

Tribute to the Anglo-Saxon Raw Vision magazine for 25 years dedicated to all marginal forms and outsider of the international artistic creation.

Art Brut to contemporary folk art, visionary and intuitive pop culture art, this exhibition is an opportunity to trace the history of alternating currents at an international level.
Among the artists will present the greatest classics but also discoveries and unexpected selection of erotic works.

Halle Saint Pierre Museum Will celebrate, through this exhibition, Raw Vision as the first magazine published with the express purpose of Bringing the phenomena of Outsider Art to a wide public.

It Will feature classical works of Art Brut, discoveries, photos of extraordinary gardens or buildings and a selection of erotic art works reflecting a highly personal imagery.


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