Posted by: outsiderart1 | May 19, 2013

My work featured in a book

So … way back in 2011 I took part in a show at the Prinzhorn Collection, where artists could respond to pieces in the Prinzhorn Collection. My work was selected as I created the shirt that you will see below in response to seeing Agnes Richter’s beautiful embroidered blouse when the work was touring in Ghent. Since then, I was contacted by an art historian called Anna Lehninger who was writing a chapter to go in the book about the exhibition. The chapter was to all be in German, but, knowing I could get it translated, I didn’t mind. I kept inquiring about this book as having your work in print form is obviously very exciting, but the book kept on getting put back. However, one month ago to my delight, the book arrived through my letterbox. And what a wonderful publication it is – with a whole 8 pages dedicated to my work, what I took inspiration from, its relationship to Agnes Richter’s little shirt and the focus of my dissertation at the time for my Masters. It also shows another lady called Lisa Niederreiter’s work which is a dress in response to the shirt, as well as my embroidered handkerchiefs which is another project the Gallery showed too. I am so very proud and honored to have my work in this book which alongside works from the Prinzhorn Collection, features artists such as Salvador Dali and Max Ernst!

I am now using this as my claim to fame – yes it is in German – and yes I cannot read it and I am still waiting for a friend to translate it – but it’s magical! I hope you enjoy looking at it too!


book3 book5 book4 book2


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