Posted by: outsiderart1 | November 4, 2012

Dare to Wear ended today by Sue Kreitzman

Well what an exhibition it has been for Sue Kreitzman and the rest of the artists in Dare to Wear that ended at the Crypt Gallery in Euston, London this evening.
I popped along yesterday and I was treated to a visual  delight! Around every corner and in every nook and crook were artworks in all shapes and sizes. Kate Bradbury’s incredible train on the way to the afterlife was full of little and larger figures all made from found objects, and the train itself made from Kate’s old boiler was a treat for my eyes! Sue’s launch into necklace making is mind boggling and although not for sale, they were incredible pieces of art in their own right. Sitting alongside these were Amanda Caines necklaces again from found objects and each time I looked at them I saw something new! I wanted one but my budget did not allow this!

Sue pointed out some barbie dolls dressed as squirrels that Chris had created and with Chris present she went on to tell us that her son had killed the squirrels and prepared them so that the fur could be used within her artwork! And there they were standing in a small hole – part creepy, but very interesting.She said that her sons and mother often find things for her and pass them on in case she finds some use for them!

On top of this were paintings, masks, Julia Sisi’s incredible drawings and a shrine created for the day of the dead celebrations!
Sue along with Peter Herbert have curated an incredible show and its a shame it is now over. I am glad that I made it along, and I look forward to the next installment from Sue and her wonderful friends, artists and those in her artwork too!


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