Posted by: outsiderart1 | September 9, 2012

Movement – An art exhibition celebrating the paralympics

ImageSo I finally managed to get along to the Movement exhibition in the Church of Sweden next to Southwark Park on its closing day! (It’s open until 10pm this evening) It’s a great little building with lots of character and the piece above definitely steals the show (and of course it had sold!)

The Swedish Church in London aims with this exhibition to allow new perspectives, indeed
whole new worlds, to be opened up.

The blurb of the exhibition: ‘Movement’ is a collaborative project between art school pupils, full-time artists and amateur artists; these different groups represent Sweden from north to south. The artists, all disabled, take enormous pride in having the opportunity to send their finished works of art to London. It
is our wish that this exhibition in The Swedish Seamen’s Church during the Paralympics 2012 will give you strength, courage and happiness.

Many of the works had a lot of warmth and sincerity to them, and as the name suggests a lot of movement too. One of my favourites had patterns/marks made from string on it all covered with white paint. I am glad that Vivienne from ‘For one week only’ pointed this little gem of an exhibition out to me.


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