Posted by: outsiderart1 | March 26, 2012

Late Paintings by Jean Dubuffet, London

From 7th March – 14th April 2012, Waddington Custot Galleries will be holding an exhibition of works from the last decade of Jean Dubuffet’s life, some of which have never been exhibited before.

The exhibition has been organised with the help of the Dubuffet Foundation; it reveals the conclusive shift in style and technique that occurred during Dubuffet’s final years, where he reverted to strong colours and basic imagery, depicting figures and spaces with no identifying features. Works on display include those from: Lieux abrégés (Abriged Places), Partitions (Partitions), Psycho-sites (Psycho-sites) and Sites aléatoires (Random sites).

Dubuffet was one of the most creative artists of the twentieth century, using a range of different mediums such as butterfly wings, sponges, polyurethane paint, polystyrene and volcanic lava. Throughout his career he created massive sculptures and architectural projects and used thick oil and acrylic paint to produce matter paintings. His innovative use of media and research into ‘Art Brut’ have inspired several artists that followed him.

For more information follow this link:

There is a fully illustrated catalogue available for £18.

Image: “Site avec 5 personnages (E 296)” 11 septembre 1981


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