Posted by: outsiderart1 | March 26, 2012

Crisis Commission exhibition at Somerset House


Sorry to have been away for a while, but my job has over-taken my life. I am however back with a few exciting things to share.

The Crisis Commission see’s some of the most celebrated artists of our day unite to bring major new works to a spectacular exhibition and auction in Spring 2012.

It takes place from the 14th March to 22nd April 2012, with the auction taking place at Christie’s on Thursday 3rd May 2012 with all the proceeds going to Crisis. Responding to themes and issues relating to homelessness, isolation, property, security, space- leading artists Tracy Emin, Anthony Gormley, Gillian Wearing, Barbara Roberta-Smith and so on will all donate works for the exhibition.

For further information please email

Alternatively read the Guardian review here:

Image by Yinka Shonibare – Really powerful and moving. Titled ‘Homeless Man 2012’. This 19th-century lone figure clothed in a Victorian suit made out of traditional African textiles carries the burden of his last possessions on his weakened back. The sculpture is off balance in a way that defies gravity, and his delicate poise highlights the difficult situation he finds himself in. The cases, stacked tall, weigh heavily. They represent all that is left from a previous life; any privileged person can become vulnerable at any time.


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