Posted by: outsiderart1 | August 11, 2011

Museum of Everything returns with Exhibition 4!!

Hidden from view around our world, humble pockets of creativity bustle, dynamic studios where self-taught artists discover, form and make.

The Museum of Everything invites you to discover Exhibition #4 over two hundred drawings, paintings and sculptures by international contemporary artists for whom creation is not just art, it is language.


Experience the vast flying cities of Hans-Jorg Georgi, the voluptous female conspirators of Giovanni Galli and the oven-baked cameras of ceramicist Alan Constable – three of the artists in this, Britain’s first ever survey of progressive studios from right across the planet.

For this project only, The Museum of Everything will leave Primrose Hill and travel to the heart of the capital, to Selfridges – London’s number one department store – where Exhibition #4 will occupy over 15,000 square feet, making it the most expansive art collaboration in the history of the shop.

The Museum of Everything will curate the entire Ultralonge exhibition hall and all the windows along Oxford Street and Orchard Street.


On the ground floor, The Shop of Everything will feature an array of custom goods to benefit the museum and its artists, plus The Cafe of Everything, fuelled by the finest coffee machinists in the country, De Longhi.


Exhibition #4 opens on 2nd September 2011 until 25th October 2011. We invite you to visit and experience the show for yourself. For those of unable to do so, the digital show will also launch at this time.


Yours in Everything, The Museum of Everything


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