Posted by: outsiderart1 | August 1, 2011

Submissions now open for Outside In @ Pallant House Gallery

This is the link you will need to be a part of Outside In 2012. You can set up an online gallery for yourself, or for an organisation or group. The links are really easy to follow on the website and you can look at the gallery on the website to see the kind of works already up to be viewed by an audience.



  1. i have no idea for promoting my work more succesfully but on the walls of my
    home cause other way im not sure enough.what do you thing?

    • hi kioshi
      do you have any work to show me – you could email it to me? why do you feel that your work cannot be promoted?
      regards jennie

  2. Kioshi… the point of Outside In… is that it provides a platform to showcase artists, many of whom have little or no contact with the mainstream institutions of the art world… this is you right? The project engages with artists in hospitals, hospices or prisons, artists with mental or physical health issues, artists with learning disabilities, homeless artists and self taught visionaries. You can set yourself up a gallery of your work on the Outside In website, if you need help doing this just get in touch. Many thanks Jennie

    • just fine! im going to show you my work.however you can find

      by “kioshi midzumura ” in google. i dont like computer ,realy.

      thank you for payning your attention. k.m.

      • Hi Kioshi,
        I see on the Outside In website that you managed to get your work online and create yourself a gallery which is fabulous! I look forward to seeing more works by you! Jennie

  3. hy jennie! im over 47 old chap and have done enough for my children
    to go straight. but ,you know, 2012 exhibition it is so far and i have a bit
    crazy ambition to sell my ” masterpeac”. i pretend to be some kind of example for my kids. can you drop me some advice for selling or a bit erlear
    exhibition for outsiders?
    whatever thank you!

    • Hello kioshi

      if you would like to sell the piece that you have put on the outside in website then you will have to remove it off the website as otherwise if it was chosen for the exhibition then if you had sold it, it would be unavailable for us to exhibit it

      what are your thoughts, are you still wanting to sell it soon? Jennie

  4. i like to sell it with your site. i would know only what the point selling possibility
    we are. i hope it is not completaly zero. cause i dare hope that even extremly
    amateurs painting has some chanse to be able to sell. if do not- person is
    stalked in wakuum.

  5. hy,jennie! i understood outside in is jast the same page or part of the
    outsider? if not, i cant see how can i submit my work just on outsider.

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