Posted by: outsiderart1 | July 5, 2011

The Georgie Project

So i came across this link on ‘the other side gallery’ website and thought i’d take a peek at it.

It’s an ongoing creative venture set up by a London artist whose sister died in 2004 due to mental illness. It aims to raise money for a charity, the Other Side Gallery and awareness of the positive impact the arts can have on people with mental and physical disabilities. The project will produce an exhibition and book of the unfolding story once it has reached 27 artists. I think she is on artist 13… but wants 27 by AUgust.

THE BRIEF:: You are being asked to take part in a kind of “artist consequences”. The first artist starts by making a painting or drawing (or any other kind of two dimensional work excluding photography) in response to a sentence they have written, with a second sentence started that is intended to be completed by an artist of their choosing. That artist then makes their piece, in response to the previous one they have seen and the corresponding sentence. They complete the previous artist’s sentence and begin another one, to be completed by an artist of their choice, and so on.


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