Posted by: outsiderart1 | June 12, 2011

Spirited Visions Exhibition, London: Reviewed

This exhibition was not at all what I was expecting… For a start it is quite far out from central London and I feel does not benefit from the foot traffic it could otherwise get. Secondly in the time period I was there noone was appreciating the art even though it was in the middle of a busy library and open community space. Thirdly I am not sure this type of work is even appreciated where it is.

The work on display was of great interest and some truly unique pieces were on display, however the way it was displayed was quite haphazard in my opinion and the text surrounding the exhibition could have been more professional and neat to make it seem more valued. I also felt that with seats placed directly underneath the work and facing away from the works, then again the art goes unnoticed and unloved. Leaflets talking about the work would also have been of benefit too for people to truly understand what these works were/are and thier importance. The Louis Wain exhibition upstairs was highly advertised but this was not and more than likely is often overlooked.

I really hope when the next lot of works go up on display, it is appreciated more. Raymond Morris’ pieces were quite exquisite and his style is unique and displayed together they created a great impact. I just feel that some TLC needs to be given to this project. Also some more advertisement.

This work is on display at ‘the Wall’ within the Willesden Green Centre until June 17th, so get there quick if you want to see it. (work in imagery is ‘Raymond Morris’. )


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