Posted by: outsiderart1 | May 17, 2011

Prinzhorn Exhibition, Heidelberg: Report

This is my work on display in the Prinzhorn Collection’s latest exhibition. There is a piece of text on the wall in German about my work, me and where my inspiration has come from. The embroidered shirt is hanging which allows it to circulate round so that both sides of the shirt can be seen. The handkerchiefs are delicately pinned to the wall.

The room my work sits in is right at the front of the exhibition in the textile room alongside pieces from ‘Miss G’ and ‘Agnes Richter’ that belong in the Prinzhorn Collection.

A catalogue for the exhibition will be out later in the year, which I will post on here when it is available. I will post another photo of Agnes Richter’s blouse on here also so you can see where my inspiration has come from. They sit side by side within the exhibition. I would like to say thankyou to Ingrid von Beyme at the Prinzhorn Collection for allowing me to take part.

On the evening of the opening was a tour of the exhibition, in German, with Thomas Roeske the Director and Ingrid about why the pieces have been included and the pieces they have taken inspiration from within the collection. An hour lecture, in German, followed by some people within the field and some from the pyschiatric hospital in Heidelberg. A drinks reception was then held back within the exhibition and then a short walk away in the Museum Haus Cajeth, was an accompanying exhibition with work from artists including Julia Kuhl and Dorothee Rocke. I got to see this mini exhibition the day before it opened and there was some fantastic prints on display. I just wish more of the text had been in English so I could have understood their reasons and concepts more.

All in all it was an amazing evening and I spoke to many people about my work as everyone seemed interested and luckily they could understand my English. Definitely worth the trip to see and Heidelberg itself is a lovely little city!!


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