Posted by: outsiderart1 | April 26, 2011

Spirited Visions, exhibition in London, May 2011

May 17 – June 17, 2011
The Wall at Willesden Green Centre, 95
High Road, London, NW10 2SF
Tel: 020 8459 1421

SPIRITED VISIONS brings together the work of five self-taught artists whose drawings and paintings bring
to life a captivating variety of scenes and characters from memory and imagination. Using unconventional methods
and materials, these passionate and prolific creators work outside the confines of the mainstream art world,
without rules or inhibitions, their spontaneous eruptions of creativity producing bold and original artworks that
open a door to their inner lives.
Leslie ‘Elton’ Darlow draws daily, recording characters and events from his life. Market stalls, cafes, evangelists,
buskers and fighters – all are documented in Elton’s vivid sketches. His mother’s death in 2004 prompted him to
take up art, a pastime he enjoyed as a child, but had not practised since. Currently living in Manchester, Elton
draws on the experience of a colourful life which has included time on the streets and a career as a wrestler.
Marion Duffy started painting in 2007 and soon developed a very personal style of expression. Duffy paints
mysterious works on canvas that read like multi-layered stories. In Duffy’s highly detailed works, myth and magic
meet, faces merge with landscapes and hidden symbols are slowly revealed.
Raymond Morris began painting in his early thirties in response to a spiritual presence in his life. Every surface
of his home is decorated – abstract motifs adorn his ceilings and the walls are covered with paintings and drawings
that span almost thirty years of creation. Piles of sketchbooks contain drawings that range from simple abstract
works to complex portraits. Morris has explored oil and acrylic, ink and watercolour as well as audio recordings
of improvised music and poetry.
Stylie was evacuated from the British colony of Montserrat in 1997 when the Soufiere volcano erupted. He was
among many Rastafarian islanders who were forced to leave their homes and relocate to England. Recognised as an
artist on Montserrat, Stylie turned his tribulations into artistic expression. In England, he turned to painting to
cope with displacement. His works draw on his life history, friends and members of his Rasta community.
Shafique Uddin was born in Bangladesh and emigrated to Britain at the age of nine. He has since lived and worked
in East London. Memories of his early life in Bangladesh and his experiences of living in London inspire the
creation of his imagery. Uddin paints daily and has developed a distinctive, lyrical style – waves of colour, painted
layer upon layer, give way to figures and forms floating in lush vegetation.


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