Posted by: outsiderart1 | March 24, 2011

Exhibition marking the 10th anniversary of the Prinzhorn Collection

Artists respond to the Prinzhorn Collection 7th. May 2011 to 14th. August 2011

Vernissage: 6. Vernissage: 6 Mai 2011, 17.30 Uhr May 2011, 17.30 clock

(translated from Sammulung Prinzhorn website) On 09/13/2001 the old hospital was the university museum Prinzhorn Collection at the site of Heidelberg opened. Since then, its varied program of events on the arts and mental health crisis into an important part of the cultural life of Heidelberg and the region to become.  Next to the castle is undoubtedly the most important unique feature of the city.

In the 10th anniversary of the museum (and the 125th birthday of Hans Prinzhorn), is therefore a major project for the resonance of the historic collection of other cultural institutions of the city will be implemented using one under.  some artistic reactions from Prinzhorn time is starting to illustrate how diverse the answers today by artists to works of the historic Heidelberg fund safer.

I am taking part in this collection and have two pieces sitting next to Agnes Richter’s embroidered shirt, which is the piece that I have taken inspiration from in the collection!



  1. Can we see images of your work that will be paired with Richter’s jacket?

    • Of course you can I shall try to post them
      On here in the next couple of days, jennie

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