Posted by: outsiderart1 | January 26, 2011

David Maclagan article in new Raw Vision magazine

David Maclagan has written a short article in the new Raw Vision edition titled ‘Which way out?’ It makes for an interesting read and leaves you wanting more to be said. The issues he raises have a similarity to my recent dissertation regarding the issues surrounding the labelling of Outsider Art. Two particular thinsg he said I will point out as I think he makes  good points…

“Artists who are somehow able to carve their own path independent of any institution are, as I have already suggested, getting harder to find. The paradoxics, that as our appetite for Outsider Art has grown, and as the commercial and curatorial worlds try harder and harder to feed it, so the supply of artwork that meets its qualitative, as opposed to merely circumstantial, criteria is shrinking.”

“One might argue that, with the proliferation of internet sites, all kinds of marginal artists can now display their work to an invisible audience; But this space is not called ‘virtual’ for nothing: no matter how striking, ome of the work has a disembodied feel to it.”


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