Posted by: outsiderart1 | December 14, 2010

Collection de L’Art Brut, Lausanne:: Extended exhibition

Extended exposure Ataa Oko exhibition
Because of its success, the exhibition Ataa Oko is extended until January 30, 2011.

Ataa Oko Ataa Oko

At the age of 83 years, Ataa Oko (1919) starts suddenly in the drawing, located on a small makeshift table in front of his house, The, Ghana.He raises his hand crippled a world combining his dreams and visions to Ga elements of culture, ethnicity. Using colored pencils, drawing Ataa Oko first memory of the coffins he actually built in his past artisan. Then, little by little, he frees himself of his memories to make room for a profusion of new iconographic brightly colored houses, fruit, animals, people or imaginary beings, sometimes monstrous.  In all these subjects plus the representation of minds, with which the author claims to be in constant and close relationship. (This is taken from a translation on the website so it does not make perfect sense)



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