Posted by: outsiderart1 | November 15, 2010

Museum of Everything Exhibition No. 3

This is what the website says of Sir Peter Blake and his collection at the Museum of Everything. I’m as yet to make a visit, but if anyone has and would like to give us an insight then please respond on here and I would greatly appreciate it!

Sir Peter Blake

What can we say that has not been said about our friend, our mentor, our aesthetic hero and the greatest artist in Greatest Britain?

Sir Peter Blake is the only living being with whom we could have created Exhibition #3. He is The Museum of Everything’s soul brother, our human manifestation on earth, whose early years perhaps hold the key to unlock the contents of this, our first collaborative project. Sir Peter was a child of war. His evacuated growing-up days were spent in the home of an obsessive grandmother, whose accumulations of mincing machines, cocktail cabinets and gypsy caravans left their mark. For wartime was grey, ever so grey. The only splash of colour was when the circus came to town, when you could stand three inches from an elephant and dream of running away. That is just what the young Peter did, as soon as he was able, after graphic design and the lofty RA had taught what they could, he journeyed abroad to live with the carneys, to unlearn it all, no high art, just low art, folk art, the unsophisticated arts, in through his eyes, out through his hands, popular art begats pop art, and not just pop art but Pop Art. Yes dear web-browsing friend, as far as the museum is concerned, Sir Peter Blake invented contemporary art from his love of the folkloric, the un- taught and the self-discovered. Come to Exhibition #3 and see if you agree.


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