Posted by: outsiderart1 | July 18, 2010

Whitworth gallery opening of Intuition

When it was time for the exhibition to open it was said that we know Outsider Art today only through the work of Monika and Victor – which although part of it, other people and collections have contributed too! There are about 150 pieces on display and about another 400-500 pieces that will be rotated over time. There are a good number of ‘famous’ outsiders work on display but a few new to me. One piece in particular that I was discussing with Francis from the Outsider ARt Trust was by Francois Burland called ‘White Hat.’ We were discussing that there was something trapped in the picture and was trying to get out but lots of restrictions were in the way. Francis likened this to people like Tracey Emin who were trying to not be restrained but could never fully let go whereas he said Outsiders worked free from constraints. This image really captured this and I had never heard of this man before. There were a good many pieces from Dusan Kusmic who often sourced the supplies for his work from rubbish bins and two pieces by Judith Scott hanging in their own space. The large open plan gallery with white walls really allows these works to speak and breathe allowing you to focus on the smaller details of it all.

On the night there were so many friendly people, i even got to speak with Monika herself! i also had a fascinating conversation with David Maclagan who recently released a book about Outsider Art called ‘From the Margins to the Marketplace.’

Click on the link below to find out more about this exhibition and when it is on until…


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