Posted by: outsiderart1 | June 7, 2010

Hiroyuki Doi’s website

I came across Hiroyuki Doi’s website, which although it has not been updated for a while, there are several pieces of work on there in styles that I did not know he worked in, since I have only ever seen his concentric circle images. Just wondered if anyone else had seen the other kinds of work he produces which are very delicate but full of colour.



  1. Wow – you’re obviously better at searching than we are! We’ve been wondering how to get in touch with him again. And no, we’d never seen these before, but their existence does tend to back up what I’ve been saying about him, i.e. that the only thing vaguely ‘Outsider’ about him (other than in very loosely stylistic terms, when applied to his circle compositions) is the fact that he doesn’t speak English… which, of course, is no ‘qualification’ at all!

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