Posted by: outsiderart1 | April 29, 2010

Prices for Outsider Art

At the end of last year I visited John Maizels (editor of Raw Vision magazine) at his house and studio to interview him with regards to getting some answers. When I asked about the prices of outsider work, he said that these people witness the prices that some mainstream artists sell their work for and thus ask for one million pounds for the sale of a piece of work. When this is knocked back, he said that they then just ask for a couple of quid because he says they have no idea of the differences in price.

But I ask, should there not be an inbetween person campaigning for the fair treatment of these individuals as they appear, from the above statement, to be walked all over in a second, without a second thought. I know through speaking with Chris Hipkiss and his wife Alpha that two people being involved in the situation definitely helps matters and that second person can often be the authority and reason that is needed. So… I ask, why are so called ‘outsider artists’ still walked all over in terms of pricing and the importance their work is given?

Any thoughts…



  1. I would add that I think ALL creatives, other than those who’ve had their confidence built/stabilised as (a significant) part of art school training, have the same problem; this is not something confined to ‘Outsider’ artists even by the broadest definition – although, obviously, abuse of ‘true Outsiders’ in this way seems even more like exploitation. Though it may be a sweeping generalisation based on nothing but observation, I would say that a fragile (even volatile) ego is probably a natural feature of the creative personality within that sphere of his/her life. Having an ‘ambassador’ has to help…


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